Valor Esports Academy

US College or Pro Pathways

Valor Esports’ cutting-edge esports academy, the “ProValor Pathway”  development program, is purposefully crafted to empower gamers with the knowledge and expertise needed to take charge of their personal growth and excel in the competitive world of esports. Our program is tailored to instill a sense of responsibility and ownership, guiding participants towards unlocking their full potential and achieving peak performance.

The “ProValor” program, is an innovative and personalized training initiative that harnesses the power of sports science to elevate the performance of players. This comprehensive program is designed for dedicated gamers aspiring to make a mark in national, or international esports rankings.

Our esports coaching curriculum incorporates advanced training techniques, strategic insights, and psychological awareness to hone players’ skills to their fullest potential. The ProValor program empowers players with self-evaluation skills, enabling them to derive valuable lessons from every gaming experience, fostering continuous growth independent of coaching sessions.

This approach mirrors the philosophy that is applied in high performance sports. At Valor Esports, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of every player, applying cutting-edge sports science to redefine the standards of esports excellence.

"I definitely don't think that I would have improved as much or as fast as I have without the Valor Esports training."
Mason "P1ggy"
"Without Valor, I wouldn't have the mindset I currently possess, characterized by calm gameplay, the ability to read situations correctly, consistency, the ability to block out negativity, effective communication, and the capability to be a team player who can adapt to any situation. This has allowed me to achieve GC2 on my own!"
Aiden "Lego"
"Unique experience, it was worth all the time, I improved a lot. Not only me but my mates as well and it will definitely help me in the future."
Gonçalo "Skill4r"

This ProValor Pathway is ideal for players looking to pursue a career in esports or US College Scholarship.

Small Class Sizes

Small player-coach ratio with sessions limited to two teams per game, fostering effective player opposition.

Weekly Team Training

Emphasize commitment to team training on your resume when applying to colleges.

Weekly Rank Up Sessions

Players participate in weekly team matches to boost their ranks, promoting skill development within their level. A high rank is necessary for scholarship eligibility.

Weekly Skill Competitions

Players engage in weekly skill competitions to enhance their ability to perform mechanics under pressure.

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Valor Esports Club Values

Our Core Values: Coach, Team, Club, Self

Coach Respect
At Valor Esports, we believe in the power of mentorship and growth. Coach Respect is the foundation of our success. By being coachable, actively listening, and completing assigned tasks, our players not only elevate their individual skills but also contribute to a thriving team dynamic.

Team Respect
Embrace the essence of Team Respect by embodying punctuality, sacrificing yourself for the greater good, and supporting your teammates through thick and thin. Whether it’s a victory or a setback, we stand united, committed to continuous improvement.

Club Respect
A strong community is built on mutual support and celebration of each other’s success. Club Respect is all about promoting a positive culture, being a role model for newer or younger players, and contributing to an environment that fosters growth. Leave jealousy and toxicity at the door and join us in creating a space where everyone can thrive.

Self Respect
Success begins with self-care. In the world of esports, taking care of yourself is non-negotiable. Prioritize your well-being by getting adequate sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, staying physically active, and fulfilling your academic or work commitments. Remember, becoming sick due to poor health choices or failing at school isn’t respecting yourself or your playing goals. A well-rounded individual makes a formidable esports player.