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As December approaches, so does the launch of our Rocket League Training Competitions. To ensure you don’t miss a beat and have the best experience possible, we invite you to join our Discord community in advance!

Rocket League Training Competitions

Beginning 1 December 2023, once every three days a challenge will run for 24 hours. Players must get the highest score they can in a Rocket League training pack within a given time limit.

The top 5 players of each competition will receive a free month of access to Valor’s platform, and the overall winner will receive a gift voucher worth real money. More info is available in our Discord server.

Why Join Our Discord?

  • 👥 Community Connection: Engage with fellow Rocket League enthusiasts, share your experiences, and build connections with like-minded gamers.

  • 🚀 First Access: Get exclusive access to announcements, training packs, and competition updates directly from our coaching and development teams.

  • 💬 Q&A and Discussion: Ask questions of our coaching team and other experienced players, where you can get tips, strategies, and insights to boost your gameplay.

To access our Discord server, all you need to do is click the button below!

Once you’re in, head to the #announcements channel under the competitions category.