Elevate Your Esports Teams Over the Summer

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30 June 2024

Pay Later!

Valor invites school esports leaders to provide there students with exclusive access to the Valor Esports training platform for the entire summer break. Transform their summer game time into dynamic training boot camps!

How the Offer Works:

  1. Commit Now: Sign up for our esports training platform before the summer break.
  2. Approval of Purchase: Complete your PO and receive an invoice, payable post-summer holidays.
  3. Immediate Access: Your students will gain immediate access to the platform for the entire summer.
  4. Access Training Performance: Access player development data on your return. Kick start the new year with a bang!

Transform the way you improve with our platform, empowering you to cultivate your skills through fun, professional, and structured esports training.

Valor Performance Platform
Valor Rocket League Platform

Join a community of educators committed to bringing professional esports training into their classrooms!

“Valor gave me the confidence and knowledge to assist my students in a game I'm not confident with myself.”
Mark Savery
Head of eLearning, Emmanuel College
“Valor provided comprehensive training modules that honed the players' skills. Our players experienced a noticeable improvement.”
Brett Duncan
Yarra Valley Grammar’s Esports Director

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