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Strategic Strikes: The Art of Disjointed Hitboxes in Smash Ultimate

In the dynamic world of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, understanding and utilizing disjointed hitboxes can be a game-changer. These specialized attack moves lack connected hurtboxes, providing a distinct advantage by enabling strikes without risking retaliation. Whether it’s the classic sword attacks or other unique weapon types like hammers, bats, or even noodle arms, grasping the concept of disjoints is essential for dominating the competitive scene.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate


Unlocking the Power of Disjointed Hitboxes

Disjointed hitboxes, a term often associated with sword attacks, extend beyond traditional weaponry. Characters like King Dedede, with his hammer, or Ness, wielding a bat, also possess formidable disjoints. Even seemingly unarmed fighters can surprise opponents with disjointed moves, as seen with Kazuya’s forward tilt, where his leg becomes intangible during certain frames. This versatility highlights the importance of researching your character’s move set to uncover hidden advantages.


Gaining the Upper Hand

Picture this scenario: faced with an aggressive opponent closing in for a melee assault, you remain composed, executing a precisely timed attack. Your disjointed hitbox strikes first, thwarting their advance and forcing them to reconsider their strategy. This defensive prowess not only grants you control but also coerces opponents into uncomfortable defensive positions, giving you the upper hand.


Reaping the Rewards of Skillful Play

The benefits of mastering disjointed hitboxes extend beyond defense:

  • Superior Range: Disjointed hitboxes offer extended reach, allowing you to strike from a safe distance, essential against opponents with limited range.
  • Enhanced Safety: By keeping your hurtbox away from the opponent’s attacks, you minimize the risk of damage and maintain control of the match. Well-spaced disjoints are also harder to punish, reducing the frequency of counterattacks.


Strategies for Success in Disjointed Hitboxes

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  • Spacing Mastery: Perfecting spacing, especially with aerial disjoints, reduces the window for punishment. By timing falling aerials to coincide with ground contact, you become elusive and challenging to pin down.
  • Edgeguarding Excellence: Utilize moves with extensive disjointed hitboxes to intercept opponents’ recoveries offstage. Effective edgeguarding limits their options, increasing your chances of securing a stock.
  • Safe Pressure: Leveraging disjointed hitboxes allows for applying pressure safely. By spacing attacks effectively, you minimize vulnerability while creating openings for follow-up moves.


Avoiding Pitfalls

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  • Poor Spacing: Rushing in without assessing the situation can lead to disastrous consequences. Mindlessly throwing disjointed attacks without considering the opponent’s position or potential counters is a common pitfall. Instead, observe and react strategically to maintain control.
  • Late Aerials: Timing is crucial in executing aerial attacks effectively. Practicing proper timing prevents attacks from failing to materialize, ensuring maximum impact.


Sharpening Your Skills

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  • Training Mode: Experiment with different characters’ disjointed hitboxes in training mode. Enable the display of intangibility to identify and understand disjoints effectively.
  • Play as a Swordie: Characters from the Fire Emblem series offer a straightforward introduction to disjoints. Playing as these characters provides firsthand experience in leveraging disjoints to control the game’s pace and identifying potential weaknesses.


By mastering disjointed hitboxes, you gain a strategic advantage, dictating the flow of battles and outmaneuvering opponents with precision strikes. Whether you’re defending against aggressive assaults or applying relentless pressure, understanding and exploiting disjoints can elevate your Super Smash Bros Ultimate gameplay to new heights.


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