Valor's Pilot Program

Unlock your players’ potential by running 12 sessions over 4 weeks.

You’ll get access to the platform for up to 20 players at a discounted rate.

We’ll give you the tools and guidance you need for your program to make an impact.

We recommend one weekly training session in class, and the other two per week as homework in players’ own time.

Test-drive our platform

Experience a Valor curriculum firsthand. Our Pilot Program allows you to test our platform at a discounted rate. With our comprehensive curriculums and expert training, you’ll receive the tools and guidance needed to excel in the world of esports.

esports training
School esports players celebrating a win

Witness tangible results

Track player growth. Discover the power of data-driven improvement with our esports training platform. You’ll track and analyse performance data throughout the Pilot Program. Witness firsthand as players experience remarkable growth over four weeks.

How the Pilot Program works

Step 1: Sign up

When you start onboarding, you’ll choose your start date, from which your 4 weeks of platform access starts.

Step 2: Set training times

Organise with your students when you’re going to train. We recommend one weekly session in class, and the other two per week in players’ own time. Each session is designed to take 30–45 minutes to complete.

Step 3: Provide logins to students

Assign a user account to each student and send the details out to them.

Step 4: Follow curriculum at your own pace

As soon as your 4 weeks begins, log into the platform and start training with our Pilot Program Training Plan.

Step 5: Track performance data weekly​

Measure student progress at in-school sessions to track their improvement. You’ll be provided with a weekly report of performance data and how much training content they’re accessing.

Pricing for the Pilot Program

Join now to test our platform at a discounted rate.

Unleash your students' potential, harness skills, and conquer games like never before!

Prices in Australian dollars, exclusive of GST.

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