Valor Pilot Program Onboarding


Over the next 4 weeks, your players will train specific skills and track their performance. Each week will have three training sessions, one at school and two at home. The goal is to show by the program’s end, how students have progressed and developed skills, with measurable data to support that.

At school, students will train in structured sessions and practise the same drill over the course of the program, recording their result each time.
At home, they will train in self-directed sessions for 30-40 minutes.

Step 1: Accessing the platform

Using the logins provided by the Quick Start Checklist, each student will be able to login at the following URL:

The Rocket League Pilot Program training plan will automatically be ‘favourited’ for each user, so they can access it directly from the homepage. Alternatively, the training plan can be accessed directly from the following URL:

Step 2: Running a session

We have created session templates for you to follow. These have variations for 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute sessions.

You can access the session guides here:

30 min45 min60 min

Step 3: Testing in-class


– Players will need to be signed into their own login to record a result.

– Players are not allowed to reset progress or shots when they test. One full attempt at each shot in the pack in one test attempt.

– If time is available, allow players two (2) chances per test. 

Step 4: Accessing homework


– Players will need to sign into Valor at

– Players will need to watch this video (see embedded at right).

– Players will need access to the internet at home to follow their training.