Our USA Tour Begins: Desert Springs Middle School

Embarking on our USA tour, our team at Valor Esports made our inaugural stop at Desert Springs Middle School, where we had the pleasure of introducing students to our innovative training platform. Led by our Head Coach, Bartosz Kawczak, the session left a mark on students and staff alike.

At the heart of our platform lies a commitment to structured training, a concept often overlooked in the fast-paced world of esports. We believe that structured practice, rooted in sports science principles, is the key to unlocking one’s full potential in gaming. As we engaged with the students, it became clear that this approach resonated deeply with them.

Russell Poe and the team at Desert Springs Middle School welcomed us with open arms, providing us with a glimpse into their exceptional facilities. Their dedication to excellence mirrors our own mission to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in the world of esports.

A special acknowledgment is owed to Generation Esports for their unwavering support in facilitating access to our pilot program for schools across the United States. Their efforts are instrumental in shaping the future of esports education and ensuring that students have access to high-quality training resources.

One of the most significant insights gleaned from our visit was the initial hesitation towards structured training among students. Like many young athletes, esports enthusiasts often gravitate towards the allure of competitive matches, overlooking the importance of foundational skills development. However, as they delved into our purposeful drills, facilitated by our platform, their perceptions shifted dramatically.

Witnessing students’ engagement and rapid skill improvement reinforced our belief in the efficacy of structured training. Not only does it boost self-confidence, but it also provides tangible evidence of progress, independent of match outcomes. This shift in mindset is pivotal in cultivating a generation of esports athletes who understand the value of deliberate practice.

For our team, the opportunity to provide support to students at Desert Springs Middle School was a fulfilling experience. As huge esports enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the transformative power of mentorship and structured training. It’s our hope that through initiatives like this, we can equip the next generation of gamers with the skills they need to excel both in and out of the virtual arena.


As our tour continues, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of esports training and fostering a community of lifelong learners. With each interaction, we are reminded of the immense potential that lies within every student, waiting to be unlocked through structured practice and unwavering support. With our partners, we’re paving the way for a future where esports education is accessible to all, regardless of background or experience.

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