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Behind every professional esports player, there is a team of coaches. You can't do it all alone. Let us provide your esports athletes with top-of-the-line support to enable growth both inside and outside of the game.

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Our platform provides a one-stop shop for all your team's training needs
Gaming Workouts
Efficient individual and team-based gaming workouts
Gaming classes
Purpose-driven content teaching key gaming concepts
Professional Coaching
Supportive esports coaches to help you grow
Non-gaming content
Industry and health knowledge helps develop well-rounded athletes
Routine Planner
Build purposeful habits using our training routine planner
Performance Tracking
One-click progress tracking and analysis
Gaming Workouts
Efficient individual and team-based gaming workouts


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Kaylee 'Kmeggs12'

"Great experiences and great training. It taught us a lot of new techniques and skills that we wouldn't have been able to learn on without Valor"

Rocket League Player for Limestone University Esports

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