Mastering the Art of Super Smash Bros Shielding

Mastering the Art of Super Smash Bros Shielding

In the high-octane world of Super Smash Bros, shielding is more than just a defensive tactic. It’s a critical skill that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. From protecting your character from incoming damage to setting up counterattacks, mastering the art of shielding is key to survival and success. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits, techniques, and tips for effective shielding in SSBU.


The Defensive Advantage of Shielding

One of the primary advantages of shielding is its defensive capabilities. By raising your shield, you create a protective barrier that can block incoming attacks from your opponents. This not only nullifies the damage you would otherwise take but also provides a crucial layer of protection for your character.


Exploiting Punishment Opportunities with Super Smash Bros Shielding

Shielding isn’t just about defense; it’s also a gateway to counterattacks. Successfully blocking an opponent’s attack allows you to quickly release the shield button and retaliate with a powerful countermove. This punishes your opponent’s aggression and puts you in control of the battle. Each character generally has an Out-of-Shield punish option that they can use after successfully blocking. These are usually shield grab, aerials, up smash, or up B.


How to Use Super Smash Bros Shielding

To perform shielding, press and hold the shield button, typically assigned to the L or R triggers on your controller. This raises your shield, creating a protective barrier around your character. You can angle your bubble shield by slightly tilting the control stick or while holding both shield buttons. Keep in mind that as you absorb attacks or hold the shield, your shield health deteriorates. It gets smaller, and if part of your character’s hurtbox is not covered by your bubble, you can possibly get damaged, which is called a “Shield Poke.”


Real Game Scenarios for Shielding

Imagine you’re in the middle of a heated battle when your opponent launches a burst attack your way. By quickly utilizing shielding, you can block their burst, mitigating the damage and gaining a momentary respite. This creates an opening for a counterattack, catching your opponent off guard and turning the tide of the game. Mastering shielding allows you to weather intense pressure and seize strategic moments for retaliation.


Tips for Mastering Super Smash Bros Shielding

Tip #1: Timing is Key

Master the timing of your shields. By releasing the shield button just before an opponent’s attack connects, you can perform a parry, which provides a smaller shield stun duration and grants you a brief window for counterattacks.

Tip #2: Mix-Up Your Shielding

Avoid predictability by incorporating different defensive options. Mix up between regular shields, parries, shield timings, and shield angling to keep your opponents guessing and create opportunities for counterplay.


Bad Habits to Avoid When Shielding

Bad Habit #1: Over Reliance on Shielding

Avoid becoming overly reliant on shielding as your sole defensive option. Relying too heavily on it can make you predictable and susceptible to opponents who adapt and exploit shield with grabs, tomahawks, shield breaks, or shield pressure tactics.

Bad Habit #2: Holding Shield for Too Long

Avoid the habit of holding the shield button for extended periods without purpose. Prolonged shield holding can lead to shield depletion and vulnerability to shield breaks, leaving you defenseless. Learn to time your shields effectively and release them when appropriate to maintain optimal defensive capabilities.


Ideas for Practising Shielding

Set up training scenarios where you focus on timing your shields against different attacks. Additionally, engage in practice matches with a partner to work on your shield pressure techniques, both defending against opponents’ attacks and applying pressure with your own attacks while they shield.


Conclusion: Mastering Shielding

In summary, shielding is a multifaceted skill in Super Smash Bros Ultimate that goes beyond simple defense. It offers a defensive advantage, creates openings for counterattacks, and is a crucial aspect of high-level gameplay. By mastering the art of shielding, you can become a formidable opponent and elevate your SSBU skills to new heights.


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