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Are you stuck in the same rank, frustrated with your lack of progress in your game? Sick of playing with people who don’t care like you do? We understand your struggles. Your dream of going pro deserves a chance, and we’re here to make it happen.

Our platform and programs are designed to help you break free from your current rank and climb to new heights. We’ve decoded the secrets to improving your gameplay, and we’re ready to share them with you.

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Our “ProValor Pathway” is an esports academy and development program meticulously designed to empower gamers for success in the competitive esports arena. Utilising innovative sports science, our ProValor program offers personalised training in team environments to elevate players’ performance and instill a sense of responsibility, mirroring high-performance sports philosophy for continuous growth and excellence at Valor Esports. The ultimate goal is to equip participants for professional play or international scholarships, furthering their esports careers on a global scale.

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"Unique experience, it was worth all the time, I improved a lot. Not only me but my mates and it will definitely help me in the future."
Gonçalo "Skill4r"
"Without Valor, I wouldn't have the mindset I currently possess, characterized by calm gameplay, the ability to read situations correctly, consistency, the ability to block out negativity, effective communication, and the capability to be a team player who can adapt to any situation. This has allowed me to achieve GC2 on my own!"
Aiden "Lego"
"I definitely don't think that I would have improved as much or as fast as I have without the Valor Esports training."
Mason "P1ggy"

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Learn the esports training fundamentals to train like a high performance gamer. It's not just about how many matches you can fit into a day. Give yourself the knowledge to chase your dreams in the world of esports. Don't wait for the dream to happen: make it happen by training for the future.

The Valor Esports team

Using our combined experience in gaming, traditional sports and technologies, we create an environment where the dream of becoming an esports professional can become a reality.

Luis “SLK” – Rocket League Coach

Bartosz “Barty” – Rocket League Coach

Pooya – Valorant Coach

Jacek “White” – CS:GO Coach

Louk – Co-Founder

Sam – Co-Founder

Nick – Co-Founder

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