Valor Esports - Full Access

$99.90/Year (Save 16%)

Introducing the Full Access Membership Program, your ultimate ticket to levelling up your skills and dominating the competition! This membership provides full access to ALL TRAINING PLANS and ALL GAMES. With three focused sessions per week, you’ll embark on an exciting journey of growth, technique refinement, and strategic mastery.

How It's Used

  1. Accessing the Program: Once users purchase the program, they gain lifetime access to the training materials on the Valor Esports platform. This separate website serves as the hub for all program-related content.
  2. Navigating the Program: Users can explore the program’s curriculum, divided into 10 weeks of training. Each week contains three sessions, amounting to a total of 30 sessions throughout the program.
  3. Watching Instructional Videos: For each session, users are provided with instructional videos. These videos are created by expert esports professionals and top-ranked players who guide participants through the specific skills and drills for that session.
  4. Learning Techniques and Strategies: Users carefully watch the instructional videos to grasp the techniques, strategies, and concepts being taught. The videos offer clear explanations, demonstrations, and insights into effective training formulas.
  5. Replicating Activities and Drills: After understanding the instructions, users launch the game on their respective platforms. Alternatively you can have the platform open on a separate screen. You then replicate the activities and drills described in the videos, implementing the newly learned techniques into their gameplay.
  6. Practicing in Game: Users spend time practicing the skills and drills within the game. This involves playing matches, engaging in training modes, and focusing on specific areas targeted by the program. You apply the concepts and strategies learned from the videos to your gameplay, gradually improving your performance.
  7. Referring Back to the Program: Throughout the 10-week program, users can refer back to previous sessions whenever they need to reinforce their understanding or revisit certain drills. Lifetime access to the program ensures that participants can access the materials at their own pace and convenience.


  • Compatible With – PC and Mobile
  • Training Developer – Valor Esports
  • Category – Training Plans
  • Content Regularly Reviewed and Updated!


  1. Rocket League
  2. Valorant
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  5. League of Legends (coming soon)