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Revolutionise esports coaching with our platform, empowering teachers to excel in guiding gamers to success.

One platform. Unlimited learning.

Curriculums for all skill levels.

Free and on-demand support.

98% performance increase.

Structure student learning

Female and male working in an esports class

Fast and clear results

Accelerate player growth. With our data-driven platform, you’ll experience measurable results as students excel in esports. Harness the power of analytics to maximise training efficiency and achieve rapid progress without sacrificing quality. Unlock their potential and witness data-backed player development firsthand.

Improve player wellbeing

How it works

Test our platform at a discounted rate, witnessing tangible results as your players improve over time.

Supported games

Each game has...

30 training workouts per term

3 training workouts per week (at school or home)

Skill introduction and technical analysis videos

A full library of individual training drills

Case studies

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About Valor

Who we are

Valor Esports is an Australian esports training platform that uses high-performance sports coaching models to change the way players learn and practise competitive gaming.

Our purpose

To empower esports players around the world to achieve their full potential and realise their dreams through cutting-edge learning, innovative solutions, and a commitment to excellence. We strive to develop disciplined and high-performing esports players. We teach skills for life.

How we do it

Our learning frameworks are based on sports science and building discipline and structure into an esports player’s training and life. We develop high-quality content within those frameworks to allow efficient and effective learning and practice.

Frequently asked questions

After Valor’s Pilot Program, pricing for the training platform is as follows:

Prices in Australian dollars, exclusive of GST.

All subscriptions include access to:

  • skill trees and technical analysis and skill introduction videos (click here to view example)
  • a full library of training drills with four difficulty levels (click here to view example)
  • workouts for regimented conditioning, and
  • training plans as longer-form curricula

for all supported games.