An example of double touches in Rocket League

Double Touches Wizardry: Elevate Your Rocket League Game

A double touch is one of the most prevalent mechanics in Rocket League, especially at the highest level of play. It’s a move that requires both mechanical finesse and strategic awareness, making it a valuable skill to add to your arsenal. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of double touches, exploring their importance, benefits, and providing tips for mastering this technique.

An example of double touches in Rocket League

Understanding Double Touches

A double touch occurs when a player hits the ball in the air towards a specific surface and then follows it up with another touch once the ball bounces off that surface. This maneuver is not only mechanically challenging but also incredibly versatile on the field. While players often focus on using double touches to score direct goals, their utility extends beyond just putting the ball in the net.

Breaking Down the Skill

To execute a successful double touch, several key components come into play:

  1. Initial Hit: The initial hit sets the stage for the double touch. Players must direct the ball towards a surface in a way that sets them up for the follow-up touch. This requires precise control over boost and momentum.
  2. Read: Reading the bounce of the ball after the initial hit is crucial. While similar to a regular bounce read, a well-executed double touch provides the player with a clear view of the ball, simplifying this aspect of the skill.
  3. Execution: The final touch requires split-second adjustments to achieve the desired angle or trajectory. This phase often separates successful double touches from failed attempts.

Examining the Importance in Professional Play

In professional Rocket League matches, double touches often play a pivotal role in turning the tide of the game. Consider this scenario from an RLCS game: A player from the blue team launches the ball towards the backboard, which is defended by the orange team. Despite the defensive efforts, the orange team manages a solid clear towards the side-wall. Anticipating the play, a blue team player positions themselves for a counterattack, opting for a double touch to capitalize on the opportunity and secure an incredible goal.

Benefits of Mastering Double Touches

Double touches offer numerous benefits in gameplay, even at the highest level. They provide an effective means of scoring from anywhere on the field, particularly when opponents leave their backboard vulnerable. Unlike other mechanics such as air-dribbles or ceiling shots, double touches are exceptionally difficult to defend against when executed with speed and precision.

Tips and Tricks for Success

Achieving consistency with double touches requires practice and refinement. Here are some tips to elevate your skills:

  • Controlled Approach: When approaching the ball, consider easing off the boost momentarily. This allows for better car positioning and reduces momentum, facilitating a smoother follow-up touch.
  • Boost Management: Utilize boost or air-roll through the ball during the initial touch to minimize car recoil. Maintaining alignment with the ball is crucial for a successful follow-up.
  • Stay Aligned: Direct your initial hit to align the ball’s momentum with your car’s trajectory. This minimizes the need for mid-air adjustments and enhances overall speed and efficiency.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

While mastering double touches, be mindful of common mistakes that can hinder your performance:

  • Boost Efficiency: Avoid committing to double touches when low on boost. Inefficient use of boost can leave you vulnerable to counterattacks and disrupt team rotation.
  • Assessing the Situation: Always assess the field before attempting a double touch. If an opponent is positioned to defend the backboard, consider alternative strategies to maintain possession and avoid turnovers.

Practicing the Skill

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