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Unlocking Potential: Transformative Esports Training in Schools

Discover the success stories of schools that embraced our cutting-edge esports training programs and platform. In these case studies, witness firsthand the remarkable impact our tailored curriculums, run by teachers, have on enhancing players’ abilities.

Why Choose Our Esports Training Programs?

  • Teacher-Led Expertise: Our sessions are facilitated by passionate teachers who use our specialized curriculums to guide students, even without prior knowledge of the games.
  • Transformative Impact: Dive into case studies showcasing the positive influence our programs have on both players and educators. See how we’re shaping the future of esports in education.
  • Empowering Teachers: Our comprehensive support empowers teachers to elevate players’ skills, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Explore the stories of schools that have embraced the future of esports education. Join us on the journey of enhancing skills, fostering teamwork, and shaping confident players, one success story at a time.

User reviews demonstrating Valor's impact on teachers and students

Yarra Valley Grammar

Learn how Valor provides a full toolkit to allow esports leaders to create impact in their programs.

Emmanuel College

Learn how Valor provides confidence to teachers and motivation for students to improve to a higher standard.

Faith Lutheran College Redlands

Learn how Valor elevates the quality of in-class training through leveled programs and resources.

Ripley Valley State College

Learn how Valor creates more time for esports leaders to grow and support their programs.

Want to try a 4-Week Pilot Program at your school?

4-Week Pilot Program

  • Up to 20 players
  • 4 weeks of platform access for every player and teacher
  • 4 weeks of structured training resources
  • Collect performance data to see the results
  • Only $16.50 per player for 4 weeks’ access