Valor Esports

Our mission is driven by a powerful ‘why’ – to empower people to achieve their dreams in gaming. 

We have created a unique training platform designed to accelerate player development through the application of science-backed training methods. 

Our ‘how’ centers on breaking down training into the smallest, manageable pieces, guided by the 4 competency models. We ensure that players develop each skill in a precise order, offering them the most effective path to success. Welcome to Valor, where we are committed to nurturing the dreams of gamers and equipping them with the tools they need to excel in the world of esports.

How Valor Started

Valor Esports was born when Louk Issa contacted his former roommate, Sam Ward from Australia, with a straightforward question: “How can I improve my gaming skills within an hour a day and still be good enough to join a competitive Counter-Strike team?” Sam, an ex-high-performance tennis coach, found this question intriguing.

Their journey into the world of esports coaching began, but after just two weeks of research, they felt lost. The lack of structured learning models in professional gaming left them bewildered. Most content in the gaming world aimed to entertain and generate social media engagement.

They realized that if two adults with diverse backgrounds found it challenging to navigate, aspiring young gamers must face even more obstacles. Parents supporting their children also had concerns. Sam brought in a third new co-founder, Nick Schlobohm, a highly creative individual with a passion for gaming, who bridged the gap between their backgrounds.

As a united trio, they embarked on a mission to create a platform that could support and guide players in realizing their dreams through high level training to have the best chance possible to achieve there dreams.

Valor Esports Users

"Unique experience, it was worth all the time, I improved a lot. Not only me but my mates and it will definitely help me in the future."
Gonçalo "Skill4r"
"Without Valor, I wouldn't have the mindset I currently possess, characterized by calm gameplay, the ability to read situations correctly, consistency, the ability to block out negativity, effective communication, and the capability to be a team player who can adapt to any situation. This has allowed me to achieve GC2 on my own!"
Aiden "Lego"
"I definitely don't think that I would have improved as much or as fast as I have without the Valor Esports training."
Mason "P1ggy"