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A platform offering training resources, professional coaching and technology tools for esport clubs to help their athletes achieve their dreams of becoming an esport professional.

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From training routines and exercises to tracking your learning progress and managing your team, Valor has every tool you need to succeed.


Our professional coaching program mixes sport theory and gaming expertise to teach players how to grow and continuously improve to achieve their goals.


Get access to efficient and healthy training plans built by our professional esports coaches and health experts.


A centralized dashboard for players and teams to easily manage all their esports training schedules and materials.

Games we support

As we perfect our formula, our list of games only grows larger.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Rocket League
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A platform that provides the key to your esport dream

These are just some of the features Valor offers.

Individual and Team ECenter
One-stop-shop for your player and your teams to manage their training, access bookmarked or assigned classes and for coaches to track everyone's progress all in one place.
Individual and Team ECenter
EClass, EWorkout, EAnalysis, EInterviews
We provide multiple content formats from real world athletes and esports professionals to develop players' knowledge of the game they love, provide them with efficient training programs, and give real insights on other careers available in the esports industry.
EClass, EWorkout, EAnalysis, EInterviews
Non-gaming content
Many aspiring esports athletes believe screen time is all they need to grow, but high performance and growth involves success in game AND out of game. We believe that to be the best competitor in the world you need to have a strong mind and body. We will provide fitness and health education at all levels to educate players on how to become better across all aspects of life.
Non-gaming content

Our coaches

Our coaching team has a strong gaming background and a strong coaching philosophy.

Maks (Trochu) –⁠ CS:GO
I have been coaching for a year and am currently the highest ranked freelance CS:GO coach on Fiverr. I have coached more than 300 people both as individuals and as teams. I have been playing with Team Dr. Pepper in Poland for nearly 2 years now, and before that I played for organisations such as Solaris Esports and Piast Gliwice Esports. I have been playing CS:GO since late 2012 - I never played competitively in previous versions of CS. I have never had any international success except some brief exposure by joining Team Infused as a sub for Gfinity Elite Series in London. I have won a lot of smaller online tournaments such as Polish Esport League 2nd division, Gfinity Cups, CEVO cups, Esportal cups, ESL cups.
Peter (oxey) –⁠ CS:GO
I have played competitive Counter-Strike for 16 years, starting with version 1.6 in 2004 and swapping to CS:GO sometime in 2014. I have coached for a total of 2 years with Legacy Esports and Genuine Gaming. I became a coach because I really want to give back to the game that gave me so many good experiences. I also personally believe that so many players who are trying to go pro have the aim, just not the game knowledge to consistently win. That is why the top 3 teams in Australia are so dominant: not just pure aim, but their game knowledge and teamwork is what sets them apart from the rest of the scene.
Jacco –⁠ Rocket League
I have spent more than 3,000 hours coaching Rocket League 1-on-1 and several hundred hours in group sessions for the 2v2 and 3v3 game modes. My coaching is based on the TEAM philosophy where Together Everyone Achieves More. My methodology is focused on improving teamwork and communication and streamlining the decision making process. When I was new to Rocket League I had a great coach teaching me the basics, which really made me enjoy the game more. I have tried to give others the same experience ever since.
Bartek (papa_barty) –⁠ Rocket League
I have played professionally in a Polish futsal club at the highest level for 6 years. After moving to the UK, I started a degree in Football Coaching & Management and began coaching football and futsal. I've been able to transfer my existing knowledge to coaching Rocket League, a game I fell in love with immediately. I have played more than 3,000 hours. What I love the most about coaching is the impact I have, the feedback and love I get back from it. Seeing the improvements and happiness in the people I coach keeps me going each day and drives me to develop myself and my knowledge even further. My aim is to not only develop my students as players through my coaching but also as people.
Luis (SLK) –⁠ Rocket League
I've been playing Rocket League since launch and I’m currently Top 100 in the world in both 2v2 and 3v3. I've also been closely involved with the Collegiate E-sports scene in Rocket League and played for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Coaching wise, I've been active for over 3 years and it's incredibly humbling to transfer my knowledge to other players and see them improve. I'm looking forwards to coaching you!
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