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Current club openings

To ensure quality in our coaching methods, we limit the number of teams and private sessions. We open new slot regularly

EClub availabilities
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Complete set of services to develop our EAthletes

From training routines and exercises to tracking your learning progress and managing your team, Valor has every tool you need to succeed


Be placed in a team according to your age and level, receive regular training session with a professional coach, and compete regularly with your team


Get real insights into the world of esports through our interviews of esports professionals (players, coaches, casters/commentators, and business personalities)


Watch professionals analyze other players’ games and perfect your understanding of strategies and good habits, while developing your overall game knowledge


We’ve curated online content into a format that is easy for you to use and learn from. You can keep developing your knowledge even outside of your weekly sessions


To keep improving, you need to practice... But you also need to make sure you do it properly and take care of your health. Our EWorkouts are a way to organise your practise both inside and outside of the game


An online social environment where you and other EAthletes can play and socialise with respect. Toxicity is not tolerated, and we also organise social events to ensure that everybody is included

We develop well-rounded EAthletes in a playful, respectful environment

See what we have to offer based on who you are

Want to be a pro? Don’t do it alone!
A club where you can finally train like a pro
Just playing the game will rarely bring you the result that you want and help you climb the ladder. You need to practice esports like a traditional sport to constantly develop your skills and correct your mistakes. Our EClub will provide you with the necessary coaching and tools to develop into a strong EAthlete within a fun and friendly environment where you will be surrounded by other players that are driven like you
A club where you can finally train like a pro
Want to grind efficiently? We’ve got you covered!
Learn and practice with EClass, EAnalysis, ELab, EInterview and EWorkouts
Stop wasting your time looking for the right content on YouTube or finding your next exercise to practise one specific skill. Our coaches have curated readily available content and packaged it into professionally organized courses to get you learning in less than a few clicks. You will need to practise a lot to play at your best, and we want to make sure that the time you spend grinding is being spent efficiently. We have content that covers everything from game mechanics and strategies to non-gaming topics such as player health and the esports industry. We have also developed fully organized practise sessions to help you practice your newly acquired skills efficiently
Learn and practice with EClass, EAnalysis, ELab, EInterview and EWorkouts
Tired of teammates who aren’t serious? Be around other serious players!
Surround yourself with aspiring-pros
Pursuing a professional career in esports as a player takes a lot of time and effort. If not spent properly, all of the effort could end up a waste of time and you might never reach your dream. That’s why we would place you in a team and provide you with regular training sessions run by experienced players, as you would encounter if you were practising a traditional sport. We would also ensure that you have sessions with our fitness specialists to provide you with a health routine that ensures you stay healthy and prevent any injuries
Surround yourself with aspiring-pros

Our coaches

Our coaching team has a strong gaming background and a strong coaching philosophy.

Peter 'oxey' –⁠ CS:GO
"Many players think that aiming in CS:GO is what’s important, but game knowledge and teamwork are what make the best players great."
  • 2 years+ coaching experience with Professional Teams
  • Focuses on game knowledge over technique only
  • Counter-Strike player for 16+ years and played at professional level
Jacek 'White' –⁠ CS:GO
"Hard work beats talent when talented players don't work hard. Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all."
  • Experience coaching 120+ students at all skill levels
  • Values mindset over any other aspects of the game
  • Developed structured coaching approach and easy-to-follow training practices
Bartek 'papa_barty' –⁠ Rocket League
"I love to see the impact that I can bring to players and feeling their happiness when they have made improvement with my help."
  • 3,000+ hours experience in Rocket League
  • Extensive sport experience 6+ years of professional
  • Finishing degree in Football Coaching & Management
Luis 'SLK' –⁠ Rocket League
"It’s incredibly humbling to transfer my knowledge to other plays and see them improve."
  • Ranked Top 100 in the world for 2v2 and 3v3
  • Rocket League coach for 3+ years and player for 5+ years
  • Player for University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Rocket League team
Nelson 'tikal' –⁠ Valorant
"We all can be too critical of our own performance at times, but perspective is truly enlightening. Focus on being better than yesterday. Build solid foundations of the correct fundamentals and you’ll grow faster than you might think."
  • Focuses on fundamentals of Valorant
  • Micro and Macro aspects of the game
  • Utility Usage, Mechanical skills but also decision making
May – Yoga
"I want to build a loving and caring community, helping people find peacefulness inside and be healthy"
  • 600+ hours yoga teacher training
  • Focuses on meditation and breathing techniques
  • Runs Brisbane Rooftop Yoga in Australia
Looking for Coaches
"Hey, that could be you! We’re looking for talented coaches. Wanna join us? Send us a message and we will contact you!"

Games we support

As we perfect our formula, our list of games only grows larger

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Rocket League

Our Partners

We work with partners who like us, are passionate about developing a healthy and fun esports community

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